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About Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle land was purchased from the Catholic Church just after the turn of the century by Reverend Alexander Macully. Building by Frickers Builders commenced in 1904 and Dunluce was inhabited as early as 1910. Its design based on a wing of  The Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland.               
    The Macully Family
Alexander Macully

Historical Tours


Book a special guided tour during your event to learn more about the history of this historic building, the Macully family, the legend of the smugglers tunnels and South Australia's first registered shark fatality, Kitty Macully of Dunluce.


Information and tickets for family friendly, community historical tours on a wide range of dates are also available by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. 

Our History 

First and foremost Dunluce is a family home. We have been the proud owners of Dunluce Castle since 2005 and are the 7th family to reside here. While over the last century some renovations have refreshed Dunluce to make it possible to run the building as a functional family residence, much of the home is in its original state.
A mansion of some 13 main rooms and a dozen original fireplaces, its imposing Blackwood staircase and cedar ceilings, Dunluce has much to offer for lovers of local history.

Our Expertise


The owners of Dunluce Castle have extensively researched its fascinating history, the families who have inhabited this landmark building, as well as the history of Holdfast Bay. 
Due to the fragile heritage Quartz materials used at the main entrance to Dunluce we are no longer able to fix the wheelchair ramp to that single step-up. Depending on the size on the wheelchair we may be able to bring guests in through the side entry. Please contact us regarding the measurements of the wheelchair you would like to bring. We regret that power wheelchairs cannot be used inside due to the heritage tessellated tiles. Walking frames are absolutely welcomed.
We are happy to report that architectural drawings are underway to create better accessibility to Dunluce in the coming months. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to historical preservation and awareness. By using our venue, you are supporting the conservation of a historically listed building and you help to keep its stories alive.


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