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A truly fascinating history.

Presentations and tours open to the public.

Several dates available. Click box below to book

More dates will be released soon- watch this space!


*While guests may take photographs of the structure or in the tea space, being a family home, and for security reasons we ask that NO PHOTOGRAPHS be taken of family members Bedrooms and NO VIDEOS be taken at Dunluce.

*Children are welcome at Dunluce but due to the staircases, balconies and antiquities we ask parents to keep a very close eye. Our regular presentations listed below include a 45 minute audio/visual segment which may not be highly entertaining for those under 8 years old. 

If you are booking your ticket individually but would like to be seated with your group, please send us a message with the names of the people who are in your party so we can best plan the seating arrangements.

Why not book your own private Tour and Tea for your club or group of friends?
Available for 11 friends or more at a reduced rate.

Contact us for more information.

Book with confidence!
Any guest unable to attend due to illness/Coronavirus will receive a reschedule option.
If you cannot make your tour time for any reason - please let us know with at least 48 hours notice and we will shift your booking to another date.

If for any reason Dunluce cannot hold the tour you will receive a reschedule or refund option.

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